The information we learned in Kriya Birth classes helped put me at ease. I feel a new sense of confidence in my bodies ability to birth and my partner learned some incredible ways to support me. I went from being afraid to being excited about birth.

— Loren S.

My birth did not go exactly the way I intended it to go, but because of the class I were prepared to deal with all the twists and turns it took. At one point things began to feel intense and I was unable to move around the way I’d hoped. Using the breath and the relaxation techniques we learned in class I was able to easily cope.

— Michelle d.

Thank you for the incredible class. My husband and I feel so well prepared for the birth of our baby. We came to the class with a lot of questions and they were all answered. Practicing positions and comfort techniques helped us feel even more confident that we will know what to do when the time comes

— Anna B.

I appreciate Kriya Birth Institute for recognizing my experience as a Doula and helping me to get back on track towards certification. Thank you for making the fast track program available.e

— Krystina H.